My CitroŽn 2CV6 Club

(big pictures below)

A red Citroen 2CV6 CLUB, made in 1989 in Mangualde, Portugal for the German market (in the last 2 years of production only the German, English and Belgian markets were served from Portugal instead of France) and imported to Holland in sept. 2003. I am the 1st Dutch owner. She is standing in the garage, waiting on that nice sunny day to take her for a spin in the Dutch countryside or to let her run on the highway a bit.

Cruising at 95-100 km/h is very comfortable. At speeds above that the wind noise will make you have to raise your voice considerably if you want to have a conversation. Noise also depends on the direction and/or gustiness of the wind. I have had her up to 130 (on the gauge..), there must have been some tailwind. The handling/suspension/tracking at these speeds is very good and feels secure.

I have built in an 123-electronic ignition (black label) from and that has made a big difference in starting and running. Starting is now a matter of 1-2 revolutions (even after weeks) instead of some 5 sec's cranking before. The engine runs more stable at idling, picks up much better from lower rpm's and the torque throughout the rpm range feels stronger. This makes sense as the pre-ignition curve is now taken from a chip rather than the original construction with points, weights and springs that would get the ignition timing just "close enough".

A small old sticker on the rear side window indicates the car has been in Coburg, Germany. Wouldn't mind getting in touch with the original owner(s?). The car seems to be very well taken care of! If you know anything about this car or for questions or suggestions please send me an email at

Engine: A06/664 (S6), M28/1, 2-cylinder aircooled boxer with 4-speed transmission, 602cc, comp: 7.9:1, 28(din)hp @ 5750rpm, 39nm torque @ 3500rpm, leadfree 95 (Euro95)

Weight: 540 kg

On plate against firewall:


ABE - NR 7571/1 (?)

VF7AZKA00KA****** (chassis nr, * for privacy)

930 (max gross weight in kg's)

1-450 (max weight on frontaxle in kg's)
2-500 (max weight on rearaxle in kg's)

Small zilvercolored sticker under plate above:
9 GP24 (?)
No 60916 (?)

On the firewall self:
EKBhS (colorcode, large black letters, E=citroen K=red B=valelunga hS=synthetic laquer)

4615 (orga-code, small white letters, translates to production on June 28, 1989)
According to the papers 1st time license issue was on august 30, 1989, so that means there was about 2 months from production until the car was sold for the 1st time.